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App Directory Listing Guidelines

The Clio App Directory is how customers discover and learn about your app. Your listing should tell a compelling story about its key benefits and what it helps customers do.

Follow these requirements and guidelines when you’re filling out the app listing submission form to make sure that lawyers can easily find your app, understand what they can use it for, and understand how much it costs.

Contact Information

Partnerships Contact

Provide the name and email address of the point of contact for all business partnership communications, including promotion opportunities, updates to the App Directory, and more.

Developer Contact

Provide the name and email address of the primary contact for technical matters, including changes or updates to the API.

Directory Listing Information

App Name

A great name can help people understand what your app is all about. Choose a name that’s unique, easy to remember, read, search for, and spell. 

  • The app name must be unique in the directory.
  • The app name can be either your product or company’s name.
  • The app name must not contain the word "Clio".

Short Description 

Your app’s short description should outline a clear value proposition or job to be done (e.g. “Seamlessly book meetings with customers.”) Your short description should be punchy, concise, and intriguing so customers click to find out more.

  • The short description should be 10 words or less (5-7 words is ideal).
  • The short description should use sentence capitalization.

Categories, Practice Areas, and Keywords

App Directory visitors can browse and filter apps by category or practice area. Additionally, you can provide keywords that will be used by the App Directory's search capabilities.

  • Select up to 2 categories you think best fit your integration's use case(s).
  • Select up to 3 practice areas that your integration serves.
  • Provide up to 5 keywords that your integration will be associated with in the App Directory's search function.

Products and Regions

App Directory visitors can browse apps by region or by the Clio product(s) with which they integrate. In these sections, identity which Clio products you integrate with and the regions your app is available in (USA, Canada, Europe, Australia).

For more information on building apps that work in multiple reasons, see the Regions section of our "Get a Developer Account" guide.


Starting Price

This is the lower end of your pricing model that customers may expect to pay. This is a critical piece of information customers look for when considering integrations to use.

  • Your starting price can be listed as free, a monthly cost, or a yearly cost.
  • If your app is available in different regions, please provide the price in local currencies.

Clio-specific promo

If you have a Clio-specific promotion that you’re willing to offer, you can include it here to have it appear on your App Directory listing. This is optional, but encouraged as a way to attract existing Clio customers to your integration.


App Logo Image

Your app logo image should be eye-catching and recognizable. Avoid text and too much detail. The image you provide us will be shown for thumbnails and full logos when users visit the app details page.

  • The logo should be a minimum width of 300px by 300px (rectangular logos with a 5:1 aspect ration render best).
  • The logo should be either a PNG with a transparent background or an SVG.
  • The logo cannot contain any form of the Clio logo.

Images and video help customers quickly understand what your app does and let you highlight its key features and benefits. Customers rely heavily on images when evaluating apps. We have a detailed guide for best practices regarding product screenshots that should help create the best multimedia resources possible for your integration.

Key Benefits

This is your opportunity to really let your app shine. Highlight the key benefits of your app, the problems you solve, and the core use cases or examples

You can include 1-3 key benefits, using the following guidelines:

  • Each key benefit should consist of a headline and a short (1-2 sentence) description.
  • Key benefit sections should use sentence capitalization.
  • Each key benefit should focus on why customers should use your app, rather than how. Highlight the benefits of using it and the results customers can expect.
  • Where possible, key benefits should use specific examples or use cases to help customers imagine the ways in which they might use your app.
  • Key benefits should be tailored to Clio customers, rather than more general product positioning.

How it works with Clio

This section should describe how your app integrates with Clio and how the Clio user experience will experience inside specific workflows. Answer the question "How does your app augment how a firm uses Clio?" Specific details to provide here include:

  • A single instructional image, which should be distinct from the media gallery images you provide.
  • A short headline describing the workflow.
  • 1-2 sentences expanding on how your integration works with Clio.
  • Links to any onboarding resources (articles, videos, whitepaper) instructing users how to enable your integration and use your product with Clio.

Application Details

Customers don't only use your listing to learn about the product — they also use it to find contact information, product support, and more. We require you to provide a number of links that make tracking down this information easy for our shared customer base:

  • Terms of Service – A publicly-available version of your app or integration's terms of service.
  • Privacy Policy – A publicly-available version of your app or integration's privacy policy.
  • Support Site – A link to your app or integration's support site or knowledge base, if one exists.
  • Support Contact Information – An email address and/or phone number customers can use to contact you for support.
  • Sales/Product Contact Information – An email address and/or phone number that customers can use to learn more about the integration.
  • Application ID – This is required for Clio's internal processes. You can follow these instructions to find your Application ID within Clio Manage.