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Resources for launching your integration

Once your app is live in Clio's App Directory, you can use these resources to help with your initial marketing efforts and showcase your partnership with Clio.  

Brand assets: Clio Brand assets can be used with your logo and posted on websites, newsletters, information pages, or promotional channels. Assets and guidelines can be found here

Social media amplification: Prior to announcing your integration, contact to inform Clio’s social media team of your post to be scheduled into Clio’s social media feed, where possible. Be sure to include @goclio and #GoClio in your copy for resharing and searchability. Clio is active on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Please note that resharing on Instagram is limited to the Stories format

Press release: Once your app is live in the app directory, you can create a press release following this template. You can request a quote from a Clio executive and use a choice of shorter or longer templates. Please review the templates and process to get your PR reviewed by our team before publishing. Clio’s PR team will require five business days for editing and approval.

Highlighted App Directory category: As a newly listed app, your integration will be highlighted in the New & Noteworthy category on the Clio App Directory_._

Internal announcement: We will send out an internal announcement to our customer-facing teams to ensure they are aware of your app, its benefits, and the target audience. This helps our sales, support, and customer success teams confidently speak to the value of your app and recommend it to the right prospects and customers.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our app partnership team - we are here to support you and set you up for success!