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Clio Certified App Program

Building your app is just the start. Partner with Clio and unlock unique marketing, sales, and product opportunities. Together we can transform the legal experience for all.


Develop solutions and services with Clio. Get support from our technical teams and receive early access to new APIs and product features.


Accelerate your marketing campaigns with prebuilt playbooks, customizable assets, and eligibility for select Clio-led marketing activities.


Win more opportunities with our sales reps and customer success team recommending your app to legal firms across North America and EMEA.


To drive your success, the Clio Certified App Program gets you access to a partnership manager who will act as your main point of contact at Clio.

Certified Program Tiers

Silver apps have well-established integrations with Clio and are continuing to see increases in installs amongst shared customers. These apps are considered ahead of non-Certified apps for inclusion in Clio marketing activities.Gold apps have the strongest level of app partnership with Clio and drive significant joint business results. They have invested in deep integrations with Clio that provide differentiated solutions and value, and are demanded by customers at the highest level.The Gold App tier is invite-only.

Clio Certified App Program Requirements

Step 1: To qualify to apply for the Clio Certified App Program, apps must meet the requirements to be listed in the Clio App Directory. Please note that these requirements were updated in 2022 and all existing apps in Clio’s App Directory must meet the new requirements.

Step 2: To apply for the Clio Certified App Program and receive Silver tier benefits (outlined below), apps must meet the following requirements:

Certified Silver App Requirements

AdoptionHave at least 100 active Clio customer accounts
User experienceImplement Add to Clio*
Achieve a Google Lighthouse Audit score of at least 50**
SecurityParticipation in security assessments and reviews to ensure the protection of customer and client data (see Developer Security & Data Guidelines)
VersioningSpecify an API version each time you make a request to Clio's API (see Clio API Versioning Policy and Guidelines)
UptimeDemonstrate at least 99.5% uptime*** on a 30-day rolling basis for core functionality and commit to providing advance notice to customers for any scheduled downtime
SupportCommit to a maximum turnaround time on customer support inquiries of one business day
Strategic fitExtend or enhance Clio’s functionality (limited or no overlap)
Customer valueProvide one customer-facing publication that highlights important customer wins and showcases how the product drove value.
DemoConduct a product demo with Clio’s App Ecosystem team (waived if have completed a demo since January 2022).
Working relationshipCommunicate with the Clio team respectfully, be responsive to requests from the Clio team, collaborate productively with the Clio team to resolve issues and demonstrate intention to build a strong working relationship with the Clio team.

* Add to Clio is currently required for apps that serve customers on Clio's North American server. When this feature is available on all servers, each app will be required to implement it to enter or remain in the Clio Certified App Program. 

** Please note that the minimum bar for your Google Lighthouse Audit score is subject to increase in the future, and aim for the most accessible user experience possible. We encourage Certified Apps to achieve AA compliance.

*** Uptime is the amount of time that your app is not experiencing downtime. Downtime means any period, greater than ten minutes, within the Scheduled Available Time during which the Subscriber is unable to access or use the Service because of an Error (as defined below), excluding (i) any such period that occurs during any Scheduled Downtime and/or Recurring Downtime (as defined below), or (ii) document preview, search, FTP or sync functions of the Service.

Certified Gold App Requirements

In addition to the following, Gold Apps must meet all the requirements of the Silver App tier.

InvitationReceive an invitation from the Clio team to join Clio’s Gold App Program

Apply Today to become a Clio Certified App

Clio Certified App Program Benefits

In addition to the benefits received by apps in the Clio App Directory, Certified Apps will receive the following benefits.


Activity TypeApps listed in Clio App DirectoryCertified App Program – Silver AppCertified App Program – Gold App
Clio APIs✔️✔️✔️
Invitation to partner Slack community✔️✔️✔️
Technical supportEmail support aliasEmail support aliasDedicated support
Early and exclusive access to APIs and product features✔️✔️


Activity TypeApps listed in Clio App DirectoryCertified App Program – Silver AppCertified App Program – Gold App
Access to the App Brand Portal✔️✔️✔️
Press release template for app launch and review by Clio PR team*✔️✔️✔️
(Coming soon) Marketing content, tool kits, and how-to guides✔️✔️✔️
Included in the ‘New & Noteworthy’ category in Clio’s App Directory*✔️✔️✔️
Considered for involvement in select Clio marketing activities✔️✔️
Clio Certified App badge (used on your app directory listing page and externally to promote and amplify your app)✔️✔️
Considered for joint customer case studies✔️
Custom go-to-market/co-marketing plan✔️


Activity TypeApps listed in Clio App DirectoryCertified App Program – Silver AppCertified App Program – Gold App
Inclusion in internal announcement to our Support and Sales teams*✔️✔️✔️
Inclusion in internal partner database used by Clio Sales team✔️✔️
Inclusion in Clio Sales and Support Enablement material✔️✔️
Opportunity to present to Clio Sales and Support teams✔️


Activity TypeApps listed in Clio App DirectoryCertified App Program – Silver AppCertified App Program – Gold App
Program newsletters and communications✔️✔️✔️
Considered for Clio Ventures✔️✔️✔️
Assigned App Partnerships Manager✔️✔️
Dedicated Slack channel with Clio team✔️

*Please note, that these benefits are offered only at the launch of the app into the Clio app directory.

Gold Apps

For our Gold Apps, we look for apps that are highly aligned with our target market, have a top-quality app valuable to our mutual customers, and can commit to ongoing sales and marketing collaboration and will extend invitations to those that meet those criteria.

Important notes

Clio reserves the right to change, remove or add to the program requirements at any time, and will provide a reasonable notice period for existing Certified Apps to meet the new or changed requirements.

Clio reserves the right to change, remove or add to the program benefits at any time, without notice.

Clio can accept or remove apps to/from the Clio Certified App Program at its discretion.

All apps participating in the Clio Certified App Program will be subject to Clio’s Developer Terms of Service.

Only participants of the Clio Certified App Program may use the applicable Gold App logo or Silver App logo. In the event your participation in the Clio Certified App Program ends for any reason, you must immediately stop using the logo.