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Overview: Add to Clio

The Add to Clio workflow provides Clio users with an easy way to connect integrations to their Clio account. For integrators, supporting Add to Clio requires only minor changes to the existing OAuth authorization flow.

When a user connects their Clio account to your app via OAuth, they normally begin the flow from within your app and are returned to your app when the authorization is complete. When following the Add to Clio workflow, authorization both begins and ends within Clio Manage.

If you’ve already built your integration and the OAuth authorization flow, the steps you’ll need to build to support Add to Clio are as follows:

  1. Create a unique URL (the “Add to Clio URL”) that prompts a user to sign up or log into your application and, after they’ve done so, starts the OAuth authorization process. The "Add to Clio" button on your app listing within Clio Manage will, when clicked, send a user to this URL.
  2. Add logic to redirect to a specific Clio URL ( when someone in the “Add to Clio” flow completes the OAuth authorization process.

We also have a step-by-step guide for implementing the Add to Clio flow.

After you’ve built those two pieces, the only thing left is to contact us at to test and launch your Add to Clio flow.

Lastly: below is a diagram that walks through the “Add to Clio” flow and shows the overlap between it and the standard OAuth authorization flow used by all Clio integrations.