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Demoing your Integration with Clio

Clio’s value of customer success comes first extends to our App Ecosystem as well, and we want to ensure that integrations provide the best experience for our customers. As part of launching in Clio’s App Directory, you’ll demo your app and integration to Clio team members.

There are several high-level areas that we look for during integration demos. We’re sharing them here so that you know what to expect and can plan your demo accordingly.

How demos are structured:

You’ll have 30 minutes to demo your integration with Clio’s App Ecosystem team. The majority of this time should be spent on showcasing the integration between the product and Clio. Below is a guideline for how a demo can be structured. 

Legal Landscape5 minutes
Product5 minutes
Integration10 minutes
Q&A10 minutes

Tell us about your customers and the problems they face. Specifically:

  • We’d like to see you show understanding of the areas of the legal industry that you’re serving and how your app and integration deliver value to legal practitioners in that space.
  • Show an understanding of Clio’s customers and how your app creates shared value for our overlapping customer base.


Give a high-level overview of your product or application.

  • We’re looking for a clear understanding of how you’re addressing your customers’ needs within your product.
  • Your solution should provide a polished and well-thought-out user experience.
  • We want to see apps that complement Clio’s functionality. This doesn’t mean you can’t build an app that improves on a feature that Clio already provides, but it should be built and integrated with Clio in a way that adds value for the user.


We’d like to see how users will connect your product with their Clio accounts and get an understanding of how data moves between Clio and your application. Specifically:

  • we’re looking for details on what data is synced between the systems, as well as when the data is synced (e.g. is it automated or a user-triggered action?).
  • we’re looking for a combination of polish and depth here. Ideally, it should be easy for a user to integrate your product with Clio and it’s clear what the end-user value is when they do so.

Some tips for a successful demo:

  • Have the app and integration ready to go
  • Run through the workflow ahead of time and troubleshoot any unforeseen behavior
  • Demo to us like we’re Clio customers