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Get a Developer Account

Sign up for a trial account

As an app developer, you can sign up for a free Clio account which will help you learn the platform and scope the integration. This trial account will be active for 7 days.


Clio has separate app instances for its US, Canadian, EMEA, and Australian customers. Apps within Clio are local to the regional instance in which they're created, so you must sign up for a trial account in the region where you plan to serve your customers. If your app will work across multiple regions, you must create a trial account for each region. These accounts should use separate email addresses (e.g.,,,

Use the links below to sign up for a trial account in the region(s) you need:

Apply For a Developer Account

After signing up for your trial, you have 7 days to create an app and test out Clio's API capabilities. If, at the end of the trial, you wish to continue building, you can apply for a free developer account. Our team will review the application and, if eligible, your trial account will be converted to a developer account. This form also ensures we have correct contact information for communicating any changes to our API or new features you'll want to be aware of as a developer.

Once your application has been approved, and you have access to an App Developer account, continue to Building your app for next steps.

Clio Grow Developer Accounts

Clio Grow’s API is launched in early access and available for development for eligible developers. Should you be interested in building integrations into Clio Grow, please contact indicating your interest. In order to help streamline the evaluation process please share some details about the desired integration and experience that you wish to develop.