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Product Screenshot Best Practices For the App Directory

In order to ensure integration partner content is engaging and aiding decision making processes for Clio law firms, please ensure you follow the following guidelines and best practices in your screenshot creation.

Technical recommendations

  • If possible, use a retina quality display (> 300 pixels per inch) for taking screenshots.
    • If taking screenshots of a mobile app, take screenshots on a modern phone model (e.g. iPhone 7 or later).
    • Do not add phone chrome around your app screenshot. This can date your application and makes it difficult to reuse in the future.
  • If taking screenshots of a web-based application, we recommend using Google Chrome for your screenshots.

Visual Settings

Bad example examples_bad.png

Good example examples_good.png

Content recommendations

  • Use screenshots to tell a story that relates to your user persona.
  • Avoid screens that feel empty. Add data to your test accounts before taking a screenshot to feel more realistic to our customer’s experience.
  • Avoid pop-culture aliases, developer accounts, and gibberish. Use up-to-date and realistic data for the use case.
  • Redact, blur, or black out any potentially sensitive information.

Bad example examples_empty_bad.png

Good example examples_good.png

Feature Recommendations

  • Clearly highlight key features and workflows that align with your value propositions.
  • Help people understand what outcomes can be derived or what value your integration will bring for their firm.
  • Do not show the installation process. This is not a purchase consideration.
  • Highlight the points of integration with Clio – how does integrating with Clio enhance functionality and the customer’s experience?
    • Showcase compatibility with workflows of Clio law firms.
    • Do not include Clio competitor logos in screenshots.

Bad example empty_feature_bad.png

Good example feature_good.png