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Lead Inbox API Endpoint

Leads are submitted to the Clio Grow lead inbox via an API endpoint. Leads can be added to the inbox by making a POST request with a JSON payload, allowing you to create integrations or submit leads via a web form.

The URL for the lead inbox API endpoint differs by region:

  • US:
  • EU:

Requests must include Content-Type and Accepts headers, both with the value application/json.

Request Payload

The payload of the POST request to the API endpoint should be an object with two properties:

inbox_lead_tokenStringA user's token that connects connects the request to a specific Grow account. A Grow user must follow these steps to access their inbox token.
inbox_leadObjectDetails about the lead to be added to the inbox. The nested fields for this object are described below.

Inbox Lead Data Fields

The inbox_lead object supports seven data fields. Five are basic data fields for the lead and two are parameters to track the source of the lead.

from_firstYesFirst name of the lead.
from_lastYesLast name of the lead.
from_emailNoEmail address of the lead.
from_phoneNoPhone number of the lead.
from_messageYesCustom message explaining the needs of the lead. Additional web form fields can be combined and submitted as part this field (e.g. `"from_message" : "field 1: X
referring_urlYesThe URL of the webpage where the lead was submitted. You can pass in some static text (e.g. “Call handled by virtual receptionist”) if it is not submitted via a web form.
from_sourceYesThe name of the service submitting the lead; this will be used to identify the source and distinguish it from any other integrations. For example, this can be the name of the integration or website which submitted the lead to the inbox.

Sample Request Body

"inbox_lead" : {
"from_first" : "John",
"from_last" : "Doe",
"from_message" : "I need a lawyer",
"from_email" : "",
"from_phone" : "8987648934",
"referring_url" : "",
"from_source" :"Law Firm Landing Page"
"inbox_lead_token" : "ABCDEFGHIJKL0123456789"


If the lead is successfully created, Clio Grow will return a 201 Created response. The payload of the response will contain the parameters of the lead that was created.


Incorrect Lead Inbox Token

Passing an invalid value in the lead_inbox_token field will result in a 401 response.

Missing fields

If any required fields are not provided, the API will return a 422 error in response. An errors key in the response body will specify which fields caused the request to fail.

An example payload for a 422 response is as follows:

"inbox_lead": {
"id": null,
"errors": {
"from_first": [
"can't be blank"
"from_last": [
"can't be blank"
"from_message": [
"can't be blank"
"referring_url": [
"can't be blank"
"from_source": [
"can't be blank"
"from_first": "",
"from_last": "",
"from_phone": "",
"from_email": "",
"from_message": "",
"from_source": null