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Welcome to Clio's Developer Docs Hub!

· 3 min read
John Brennan

Since last fall, the App Ecosystem team at Clio has been working to consolidate, re-platform, and rewrite our documentation for developers and partners building apps and integrations on Clio's platform.

Today, we're excited to launch this new site, which houses all the resources you need to build an app or integration using the Clio API. This post will give a brief tour of the new site to help you navigate the docs and guides.

A Brief History

Clio's developer documentation, while comprehensive, has long been fragmented across multiple locations. Much of the essential information lived as embedded sections in Clio's API reference, while other important information lived in a developer support site. This fragmentation led to documentation often becoming outdated or disorganized, which was compounded by the limitations of the existing platform's writing and editorial capabilities. Functionally, this meant that our documentation wasn't as comprehensive or as current as we wanted it to be.

A New Start

In the fall, we set out to change this. Our needs were simple: we wanted a single home for all of our public-facing developer documentation, serving as a resource for all developers and integrators using Clio's API. We evaluated several platforms that could enable this for us, eventually landing on Docusaurus, a static site generator built with React. This choice allowed us to migrate our docs to Markdown and adopt a docs-as-code workflow, and it also gave us a robust base to create custom components thanks to its built-in support of MDX.

As part of this re-platforming, we rewrote or edited most of our existing documentation, paring down pages of docs into a more curated hierarchy of content. The site now offers five main sections:

What's Next?

With the new site now live, our near-term goals are to expand the scope of our documentation. Expect more in-depth guides, a quickstart intro to using Clio's API, and more. We're excited about the new platform's capabilities and can't wait to launch new tools and resources to help people discover, build, and launch Clio integrations.

For now, we'd love to hear your feedback! Reach out to and let us know your thoughts on the new docs site and what you'd like to see in the future here.